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Are you interested in Academy Veterans Discount? There is a 10% Academy discount available for you and you can enjoy it easily during online shopping or Checkout at the store. But question is that how we can avail of the discount for veterans and what are the basic requirements. Here you will know how to get 10% off at Academy. All of the retired or discharged veterans, active duty and reserve military members, and immediate family members including spouse or dependent children up to 18 years old age limit will be eligible.

Note: Remembers that discharged consists honorable, under honorable, or general, dishonorably discharged will not be included)

Does Academy offer veterans discount?

Just like other stores here we are now sharing details about Academy veterans discount. But before going for shopping it is necessary to learn about how to avail Academy discount for military members or Veterans. This discount is also useful for healthcare professionals. If you are not a Veteran but you are part of health official then you can avail Academy healthcare Discount.

How to use Academy Veterans Discount or Healthcare professionals discount?

Now the very first question is how we can enjoy the discount. There are two ways to avail Academy Discount offers.


If you are purchasing online then you can easily avail this discount. Before checkout, you need to verify your Veteran or military ID, or healthcare professional status. You can use the coupon on button on the shopping cart page. If your ID is verified then you can use the coupon before check out. Keep it in mind that you can use coupons only first time or one time before checkout.


If you are purchasing at the store then the process is very simple. You just need to provide your ID card for the verification purpose. If you are a healthcare professional, first responder, military member or Veteran then just verify your identity and enjoy the discount at checkout.

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Updated: June 30, 2020 — 11:27 pm

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