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  1. I can not understand why a disabled person or military vet can not get the same discount as a person with a ebt? card or student gets???? So,unfair!!!!!!! I am legally blind and my husband is a vet, also has COPD and is on Oxygen 24/7

    1. Charlene , I absolutely agree with you! It is so ridiculous all the money Bezos has what’s he worth $196 billion and he can’t even offer a discount for the men and women that fought for his freedom and the freedom to be able to make all that money.

  2. I am having difficulty signing in for your Amazon Veterans Prime 2019 discount.

    John Blowitz
    January 11, 1942
    Discharged July, 1963

    1. i tried two times to sing up for veteran offer but it didn’t work can you please help me I’m vietnam vet.
      louis j bagnarelli
      Discharge date June 1967

    2. Nothing has worked for me, not even calling Amazon direct. They just gave me this web page.

    3. i tried your link it does not work there are about 12 post that people had try to get vet discount and they could not get it someone should try to fine out what is wrong and fix it thank you for your reply

      1. i tried again for discount 3 times it does not work i try the link you sent me that did not work i guess it’s a scam you should take the offer down it’s does not work you are only B/S people

  3. I tried twice to extend my Prime membership using your Veterans offer but it didn’t work.

    Can you help with this?

    Thank you for your kind assistance.

    U.S Air Force veteran.
    Discharge Date: 2/18/1975

  4. I tried to enroll twice and the website said something was wrong, to contact customer support at this page. I cannot find a link to customer support, so please either email me a link or text me at my membership phone ***-***-*019

  5. I tried 3 times for the veterans discount and got an error response ea h time. Not totally sure of discharge date early 1979. Sharon M (Dourado) Whitfield. Dob-12/05/1958. Thank You for your attention to this

    1. This link goes to the 30 day trial. Can’t log on to the amazon and like others, won’t accept the correct info I enter. All we get is OOPS!

  6. Like the others before me I too have tried to sign up for the $40.00 veterans discount. Every time I attempt I get the
    “Oops, something went wrong.” message. I tried to contact “customer support “ but get all kinds of info about the discount but cannot get customer support. I feel this is just another damn scam!

  7. having trouble logging in for discount

  8. Why can’t I sign up for the Amazon Prime Veterans Discount.
    Tried 3 times.

  9. Do you have to sign up for Prime BEFORE you get the Veterns Day Prime Discount? ? ?

  10. Website for this prime discount for veterans is not working. Can you fix it????

  11. having problem trying to enroll to get the military discount, I’m currently a Prime Member.

  12. I also tried twice to enroll on your website and it said something went wrong. I’m a Vietnam veteran and already a prime subscriber. How can I get an additional extension on my membership with your discount?

  13. Can’t get enrolled in the veterans discount, can’t find site or link it directed me to. Please tell me what to do. I’m presently a prime member and veteran

    Robert Rice
    US Navy
    Discharge Date 3-19-1968

  14. I am also having difficulty adding my info for my discount. I am already a prime member. This needs to be addressed

  15. Would appreciate a response.

  16. I’m a Prime member and I’m trying to get this offer but it keeps telling (oops something went wrong try again. I don’t know what else to do to complete the subscription. Pls Help

  17. Veterans can’t get prime discount.

  18. I also have not been able to sign up for the veteran prime discount. I called customer service, they gave me a link to this page, which we can say is also not working. This certainly is not the level of support that I have come to expect from Amazon. I will keep trying until the end of the promotion, then I will call and ask to speak to a supervisor to log a complaint.

  19. I also am a prime member and would greatly like this veteran discount on a new members hip
    Having the same problem as other veterans. Thank you

  20. The amazon account is in my wife’s name but use it. It that why I can’t get this discount

  21. Here is the site to get your Veterans Discount

    Your Account Amazon.com
    Message From Customer Service

    As we discussed,

    pls do send this format to


    Send an email with the following details:
    · First Name
    · Last Name
    · Date of Birth
    · What is your current status – Active Duty, Veteran, Retiree, or Reserve?
    · If you are a Veteran or Retiree, what is your discharge month and year?
    · If you are active duty, what is your .mil email address?

    We look forward to seeing you again soon.​

    We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the buttons below to vote about your experience today.

  22. I have tried all the reommened sights with no success. This is my second day trying. I am a prime member and stay one no matter this pro lem but would greatly appreciate a solution before the offer ends. Thak you for your attention to this

  23. I cant get the discount and I am a veteran

  24. I was able to get discount in 2019 and found when I fill out form correctly it happened. Start out on opening day Nov 6 and should happen what may help is registering with exchange system. That then will use the last 4 of ssi # as a ID. When I did that worked in auto parts store too.

  25. Amazon did not offer the Veterans discount on Prime memberships this year. I am very disappointed because they can afford it.

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