How to Get a Veterans ID Card or How to Apply for Veterans ID Card?

Need Veterans ID Card? in order to get a VIC, Veterans must go on website, click on “Apply for Printed Veteran ID Card” on the bottom left of the page and sign in or register by creating an account. Once Veterans who apply for a card must receive it within 60 days.

How to get a Veterans ID Card?

Veteran ID card a card which consist of a photo ID and you can use it to avail of Veterans Discount at different spots such as Hotels, Restaurants, Stores and other business places. Now, the very first question is who can get this card and how to use. Here we are sharing complete details with you.

how to get a veterans id card

How to apply for a Veteran ID Card

If you are looking for a Veterans Card, you need to check the requirements. If you are eligible for the Vet ID card then you can get you card easily. Just check few requirements before applying for the Veteran ID Card:

Am I eligible for a Veteran ID Card?

Here are two major requirements. If you meet these requirements then you can get your Vet ID card:

  1. Served on active duty, in Reserves, or in the National Guard, and
  2. Received an honorable or general discharge.

If you are not falling under the mentioned criteria then you will not get your Veteran Card. Further more you will not get any discount which is specific for the Vet Card Holder.

How do I apply for a Veteran ID Card?

For the veterans now there is a good news that they can apply for the Veteran Card Online. For Online apply just visit:
Try signing in with your DS Logon, My HealtheVet, or account.

Requirements for the Veteran Card

When you are eligible and ready to apply for the Veteran card make sure you have all these documents in your hands.

  • You must have a Social Security number.
  • For the upload, you must have a digital copy of DD214, DD256, DD257, or NGB22. You can upload it in .pdf, png .jpeg, or .file format.
  • You must have a copy of government-issued ID such as passport, driver’s license or state-issued ID card.

What happens after I apply for a Veteran ID Card?

When you have submitted your Vet Card application, your verification and eligibility will be checked. As we have mentioned the criteria given above and if you are eligible for the Vet Card you will receive an email regarding the status of your application. If there is any issue in the verification then it may take a long time so be passionate.
If you receive anything about the additional information then you need to sign in AccessVA and update your application.

AccessVA account 

Sign in to your AccessVA account


Updated: August 28, 2020 — 11:28 am

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