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Wish you a Happy Veterans day 2022 to all the American. Here you can Find & Download Free Thank you Veterans images 2022 messages, wishes and greeting to share on social media. A veteran is thanked for their unconditional love and services for their motherland. This day is celebrated to honor the veterans who lost their lives in the hands of allies during the war. In this article you will find the messages and images that you can share on different social media platforms. The purpose of this is to thank the veterans for their sacrifices and services in the military.

Should You Say “Thank You for Your Service”?

When we meet a veteran, do you want them to say “Thank you for your service”?

In the past 15 years, I have heard a lot of opinions on this issue from veterans and non-veterans. I received feedback from mental health experts, clergy, and other medical personnel about whether to thank veterans or active-duty soldiers for their contributions to our country.

In the end, I heard mixed reviews: some people said you should say “thank you” to current veterans or active members; others thought you shouldn’t.

Every aspect of the problem has a valid point of view. This divergence of opinions led to very exciting reflections, which led me to evaluate both sides of the problem.

Some questions that arise are:

  • What would cause a person to suggest not to thank someone for their services?
  • If someone is grateful for their service, what experiences have veterans or service personnel experienced that would elicit a positive or negative reaction?
  • Finally, when did this controversy begin?

Reflecting on my own experience, I can see both sides. When he was on active duty, when people noticed that he was wearing a uniform, a common experience was that people would come forward and say “Thank you for your service.” For me, it’s great to be recognized, it makes me proud of my work.

I’m honored to wear a uniform; it’s an added bonus to be recognized. From the perspective of someone who has deployed but has never seen direct combat outside of mortar attacks (such as gun battles, improvised explosive device explosions, etc.), I am very proud of serving this country in uniform, therefore, I am very happy to be thanked for my service.

From another perspective, running errands after get off work often feel uncomfortable, because if I walk into shops, restaurants or other places away from military facilities, I usually reach out.

I often feel uncomfortable and highly conscious, like people are staring at me, or I always have to behave in the best way possible to represent the army in a positive way.

He lives 45 miles from his main post, which has reduced the number of military personnel in the community where he lives. As a result, going anywhere often draws attention to yourself.

I will always be alert and aware of my behavior. Thinking back to my own experience of feeling awkward and uncomfortable when leaving the main position in public, I can only imagine how someone who has experienced more direct combat might feel in similar situations.#

Thank you Veterans images 2022

Here are some collection of beautiful thank you veterans images that you can share with the veterans and the family of the veterans to show your patriotism with respect.

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Thank you Veterans images 2022


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Thank you Veterans images


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