7 Best Veterans Day 2021 Activities for kids

Veterans Day offers one of the best opportunities to learn children about the concepts of hope, sacrifice and courage. Originally in 1919, as a ceasefire, one day to celebrate the end of the First World War, the name was changed later in 1954 to the veteran day to honor the veterans of all wars. On November 11, he will teach his children to do something special for women and men who valid this country and the many more who still continue to do so.

7 Best Veterans Day 2021 Activities for kids

Here are several activities you can do with children to help you learn about veterans day.

Best Veterans Day 2021 Activities for kids

1. Write and send letters of thanks to the veterans

Children can spend the veterans day by writing and sending letters of thanks to active veterans and military. There are sites, such as gratitude operation and one million thanks, which facilitate children to send letters to deploy troops, wounded warriors and veterans. To send a thank you can look like a little thing to do, but a simple letter can really encourage the day of veterans and active service.

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2. Coordinate and send packages of care

They all love to receive attention packages, and veterans and active army are no exception. Veteran day can be a good day to collect different elements to include in a group care package. Better yet, host a care package.

Have families who bring items such as recycling meat or hard candy, laundry pods, batteries AA or AAA, personal hygiene, movies and music in the thumb units or visa or MasterCard gift cards for the communication house they can send to the active service.

3. Invite local veterans to speak

Bring a veteran to talk to children and their families, even through a zoom session if they do one of the richest and most rewarding activities, says Tom Aiello, a disabled military veteran and founder of March, an agency that Design is for help organizations working with the military and veteran community.

To identify parents who identify veterans who know within their community make experience more personal. Veterans usually talk about what they did in the army and why they joined, says Aiello.

Speakers should always leave time for P & A and give children the final command to go home home and come into contact with a veteran, a father, aunt, uncle or grandfather, and thank you. This action helps strengthen the lessons learned by the child and can make veterans day calls.

4. Write stories about veterans After visiting veterans

veterans talk about their lives, children can monitor these experiences by writing stories about what they have learned. When I speak in schools to talk to stories of my veteran heroes, I encourage children to find the veteran heroes in their lives and write the stories, says Valerie Pfundstein, “Veterans: Heroes in our neighborhood”. “I emphasize the children who are personal stories about veterans in their lives are true stories that will affect the hearts of the readers.”

5. Raise money to donate to a local VA

veterans day as an opportunity to organize a fundraising for children, and contribute all income to its local VA. To promote this worthy case, they can make posters, send and publish brochures on local social networking sites such as NextDoor before the big day. While promoting the case, children should also encourage everyone who gives directly to the local VA.

6. Visit a local hospital for veterans or veterans at home

Sometimes the best way to show appreciation for the sacrifice of a veteran, visiting them in a hospital or VA home for retired and disabled veterans and tells them personally (during Covid, the safest bet will be to do And thanks to charts, notes or video messages from children).

Older children can really begin to understand what it means to be a veteran who makes these visits, thank you to the veterans face to face for their service. Many veterans do not have friends or family members who visit regularly, so make the journey a rewarding experience for both children and veterans.

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Updated: October 9, 2021 — 6:25 pm

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